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All the trivials.

Learn how to install and configure an Ubuntu with Openbox window manager!

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for personal sites, blogs, and portfolios hosted on GitHub or your own server. Latest release v3.4.8


Screenshots of a Ubuntu Opebox after configured.

Splash Page

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less than 1 minute read


Bash theme with Oh-my-bash

less than 1 minute read

Oh my bash: a frame work of Bash shell and extends its ability to install plugin and theme.

Add Bash Aliases

1 minute read

In stead of having to type a frequenly used command, I can specify a “short word” (shortcut) to represent it. The “short word” is an alias.

RESTful Routes Reminder

less than 1 minute read

I get this table from a course by Colt Steele (best teacher ever!). Put here just as an easy to reach reference.

Better font for LibreOffice and Linux

1 minute read

Please understand that I am no expert on font rederring, and this post is just a note for my future self in case I have to reinstall the whole system.

How I install and use Obmenu Generator

3 minute read

Since I always find any auto-generated menu is too busy, I need obmenu-generator to generate a menu with only items I need and display their associated icons.

Flameshot as screenshot app

1 minute read

Several days ago, I needed a screenshot of a small part of my screen. As usual I tried to open Shutter and found that the command shutter “is not found”.

Parse Gmail for attachments

1 minute read

My only focus is to parse my Gmail for .epub files (for my ebook converter server) and sort them to a folder. You can use it for any other file format.

Convert and send ebook to kindle

1 minute read

I have been using kindle for several years and used the GUI version of Calibre to convert ebook then using Thunderbird to send the converted ebook to my kind...

Use Mutt As Email Client

1 minute read

I only use the Raspberry Pi for headless server, so I need a email client for sending email.

Back Up Raspberry Pi OS To Image

less than 1 minute read

After install and configure many things on my Raspbery Pi, it will be too much if I have to do it again. Backing it up is really a good idea.