sudo apt install adapta-gtk-theme –no-install-recommends sudo apt install papirus-icon-theme

1. Plank

if there is a low resolution icon, edit/ create a desktop file here and choose a appropriate better icon for the app. It will reappear better in Plank.

~/. local/share/applications/

2. Conky

I had never been able to make my conky work with conposite.

I used to think that my laptop GPU card is not playing nice with composite. Until I bring that conky to my PCs, both different name card and still I cannot make it work.

Investigate further it come to my bad conky configuration (or my config is not playing nice with composite).

Below is my current one.




backend = “xr_glx_hybrid”; vsync = “opengl-swc”; #glx-no-stencil = true; #glx-no-rebind-pixmap = true; vsync-use-glfinish = true; focus-exclude = [“n:a:Conky”]; paint-on-overlay = true;