Internet apps:

  • Firefox as web browser
  • Thunderbird as email client
  • Transmission for torrent
  • Uget as download manager
  • Dropbox for cloud storage

1. Firefox as web browser

sudo apt-get install firefox

Firefox has the ability to extend features by adding add-on. Here are some cool ones I always use:

2. Thunderbird as email client

Email client help you to effectively manage your emails. If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook, there is a very competent alternative, Thunderbird.

sudo apt-get install thunderbird

Just add your email address and you are all set.

3. Transmission for torrent

Transmission gives you the ability to download from both torrent files and magnet links. To install:

sudo apt-get install transmission

4. Uget as download manager

Uget is a java based app with a modern looking interface and does the job nicely.

apt-get install uget


5. Dropbox for cloud storage

In my own experience, of all cloud storage suppliers, Dropbox is the nicest regarding its fluent synchronization between multiple platforms.

Out of the box, it gives you 2 Gb of free space. With my usage of mainly documents, it is plenty enough.

sudo apt-get install dropbox

After installing, Dropbox will ask you to enter your credential information.

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