An openbox theme will define the look of the window (the border, the title bar) and the right click menu.

To install a theme, copy it to a specific theme folder, then use obconf to apply.

I will illustrate with an Openbox theme called Mistral.

Mistral Theme


The author has posted it here:

In this case, the theme is packed in a folder. Openbox themes also come with .obt extension and can be installed using Obconf (You can extract that .obt package to a folder using any compression tool).

After having the theme folder, move it into one of theme directories below:

  • System-wide themes are installed in: /usr/share/themes.
  • User-specific themes are in: ~/.local/share/themes or in ~/.themes.

The theme will be instantly registered into Obconf.

Open Obconf:


Select Mistral theme.


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