Bash theme with Oh-my-bash

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Oh my bash: a framework of Bash shell and extends its ability to install plugin and theme.

I am not using Bash that much, so I use it just for the theme.

1. Install

Its repository here:

How to install oh-my-bash as guided in the repository:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2. Set theme

Oh-my-bash come prebuilt with several themes. To preview them, go to its theme wiki:

To use this agnoster theme, edit the ~/.bashrc file, then look for an environment variable (all caps) in there that looks like:


I also recommend this awesome font to go with the “agnoster” theme: hack. I find it looks best with the color arrow.

Hack font’s homepage:

Here is how my terminal emulators look after setting the theme.



Tilda tilda_omb

3. Set Terminus (Sublime Text 3) to use Hack font

Preferences => Package Settings => Terminus => Setting

Add this to the user setting:

      "font_face": "Hack",
      "font_size": 14,

Here is how my Terminus look: terminus_omb

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