Sublime Text 3 keyboard shortcuts

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I find these following shortcut keys essential.

1.Multiple cursors

Hold ctrl + using mouse to select where to add cursors.

2.Select multiple text (and automatically add cursors)

Double click to select the first + hold ctrl + double click others to select more.

3.Select many similar texts (change variable name at many place at once)

Place the cursor at the text + ctrl + D to select it, then ctrl + D again to select the next instance of the text. Repeat to select more.

4.Join lines

ctrl + J at where I want to join.

5.Delete line (even blank line)

ctrl + X.

6.Move line (place the cursor somewhere in the line)/ block of lines (highlight them first)

ctrl + shift + up/down.

7.Dublicate a line

Place the cure sure somewhere in the line, then ctrl + shift + D

8.Indent/ unindent

ctrl + ] / ctrl + [

9. Toggle between commenting out and uncommenting

ctrl + /.

10.Open file in current open project

ctrl + P, then search for its name.

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