Remove Firefox title bar

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Remove the title bar to get more screen space (like in Chrome).


1. Remove the title bar

At the very end of rc.xmlfile, above the line </openbox_config>, add these three lines in application category:

    <application class="Firefox">

2. Deal with the lack of Minimize/ Maximize and Close

After removing the title bar drawn by Openbox, the Minimize/ Maximize and Close button will also be lost. Following is my two solutions:

2.1 Three add-on: Minimize/ Maximize and Close

Install these three add-on to have these functional buttons:

The look is awesome.

The feel when using the main windows is not different than Chrome. However, other windows such as “Download”, “History”, “Bookmark”… still do not have minimize/ maximize or close button at the conner of the window, I have to use Ctrl + F4 to close them off.

Also, I lost the ability to double click to the title bar (of course) to minimize or restore the window compared to Chrome.

2.2 Toggle decoration

Sometimes not having a title bar is very inconvenient so I have added a shortcut key of Window + Bto make it appear whenever I want - by adding these line to my rc.xml file:

    <keybind key="W-b">
        <action name="ToggleDecorations"/>

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