1. move file to a specific folder

A folder is monitored by watchdog python script. Any file send to the folder will be further processed by another python script.

mv %N /home/dat/Custom/ebookConverAndSend/Epubs/

2. Convert file to mp3

I love listening to TV show while I am cycling. Individually

ffmpeg -i %f %f.mp3


parallel ffmpeg -i '{}' '{}.mp3' ::: %F

Note: need parallel package installed.

3. Select a file and open terminal at current directory

Sometimes a folder will have so much file that there is no black space to click and open terminal here.

This command allow me to select a file and open terminal at current directory.

cd %d && terminator

4. Open terminal at current directoy

Select a blank space and open terminal here.

exo-open --working-directory %f --launch TerminalEmulator

5. Open catfish in current directory

catfish --path=%d