vpn protect data when it gone from point A to point B

take data > ecrypt data > put data through another encrypted turnel > send that data through the internet to an endpoint.

Data is protect two times.

Tech: if vpn turnel seeing that it is being attached, it will drop and try a different route.

Instead of connect to the internet from a public network. You connect to server through a vpn and access internet from that server. So, the speed of the internet will depend on the upload speed of the vpn server. And the security will depend on the secure connection from the server to the internet.

Which encryption a vpn use is very important. SSL client less vpn encryption only work on browser. (ftp, geany, ssh do not work). How much do you trust a vpn supplier company (have a sercure way to connect to the internet).

1. General


curl -L https://install.pivpn.io | bash


create a client ovpn profile

pvpn -a

connect in Debian