Use python and bash to copy file to samba shared folder

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How to mount a samba share folder using command line

mount in Linux is the act of associating a file system (a disk, partition, folder…) to a location in the directory tree (a folder) for that file system can be accessible.

Create a folder for mount point

mkdir /home/<user>/mnt

Install cifs-utils package to be able to mount a smb share.

sudo apt install cifs-utils

The mount command with -t and -o will require sudo power.

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=<username>,password=<username>,vers=1.0 //<ip_adress>/samba_shared_folder/ /home/<user>/mnt

If all the above is a success, it means you can mount a samba shared folder manually using the command line.

Add a fstab entry

To make the mount command not require sudo power, we have to add this entry to fstab.

// /home/dat/mnt  cifs username=<username>,password=<username>,noauto,user,vers=1.0 0 0

Reboot the system and test it with

mount /home/<user>/mnt
The shared folder should be mounted.

To unmount manually, note that it is umount, not unmount:

umount /home/<user>/mnt

Use python script

I tend to use a python script mixed with bash commands these days instead of pure bash script as I find it is easier.

The python script needs os and shutil modules. You should install it if you have not had. Here is mine script:


import os
from shutil import copy

if not os.path.ismount("/home/dat/mnt"):
    print("not yet, mounting...")
    os.system("mount /home/dat/mnt")


copy('/home/dat/Downloads/', "/home/dat/mnt/")

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