#first install all the things: sudo apt-get install flac ffmpeg mp3splt libav-tools shntool

Okay first lets do an MP3:

input files:

–> cd.ape

–> cp.cue

(there are other options, like bitrate, but this is just the bare bones)

avconv -i cd.ape cd.mp3

Now, split the MP3 file using the CUE file

this will produce an mp3 file for each track in the same directory

mp3splt -a -c cd.cue cd.mp3

Next example: FLAC!

convert APE to FLAC:

ffmpeg -i cd.ape cd.flac

Now, split your FLAC file. Credits for method go to the arch linux wiki:


shnsplit -f cd.cue -t “%n %t” -o flac cd.flac

one more note, you can go directly from APE -> FLAC with shnsplit because that

tool is fucking awesome, but you need the “mac” encoder. This is a pain in the ass to get

on ubuntu and ffmeg has the ability to convert APE, so I just show that way here.